Our Mission

Welcome to Health Centered Dentistry in Midland, TX, your family dentist!

Your Health is Our Top Priority

At our Midland Texas dental office, we strive to enhance the overall health and quality of the lives of our patients by helping them achieve a higher level of health and wellbeing. Midland Dentist, Our team is dedicated to a prevention model of health care, controlling the causes of disease and actively planning for lifetime wellness. The excellence in care we provide, the quality of relationships we nurture, and the educational opportunities we provide allow us to build an environment that promotes freedom of choice and mutual caring. By treating all with dignity and respect, we can afford our patients the optimal benefits of sustained excellent oral health, improved self-image, and overall health and happiness.
health centered dentistry midland tx our mission

Our Most Important Service

Dental health is more successful when a long term plan is in place. Our Midland Texas dentists believes that the most important services he can offer are a thorough examination, diagnosis of existing conditions, and a treatment plan that meets your short and long-term goals. Prevention is key. An understanding of the existing conditions in your mouth gives you the knowledge to properly choose what suits your individual goals and values. Our dentists wants to help you understand your mouth, the causes of disease and dental breakdown, and then help you choose how you would like to be treated. We hope you will think about your health first when you make decisions for your mouth.

Health is a Function of Participation

The dentist should be someone whose major interest is in curing and preventing, not just repairing the same old ailments year after year, until finally your teeth are all gone. Your health, and especially your dental health, is a function of participation. You cannot get healthy just by visiting your Midland TX dentist or doctor and letting them treat you. You have to participate in your own dental health treatment. Dental health is peculiar because the rich cannot buy it, and the poor cannot have it given to them. Our dentists aims to make people more comfortable, more functional, and more attractive. He cannot make you healthy. But he can teach you how to become healthy, whether you maintain your health is up to you.

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