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Crowns Fit for Royalty

There are many reasons our Midland Texas dentists might suggest a dental crown as the solution for your dental needs. You may have simply bit down too hard on a piece of candy and broken a tooth. You may have a tooth that requires additional support due to extensive decay or damage. Or, it could be that years of clenching and grinding your teeth have finally taken their toll.

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Why should I get a dental crown?

A dental crown performs double-duty, not only restoring your mouth to full function, but also creating an aesthetic replacement for the full tooth that is no longer there, the finishing touch on a root canal procedure, or after a dental implant placement. Most crowns will cover your entire remaining tooth structure straight down to the gum-line. These tooth-colored restorations can also be used to protect a tooth weakened by decay, or support a tooth that is severely broken, cracked, or requiring a large filling.

What is a dental crown made of?

The most common materials for dental crowns include porcelain, ceramic, or porcelain fused to metal; other choices include resin or metal alloys (such as gold). Each material has its advantages and disadvantages, and Our dentists will consider several factors when determining which to use for you. His decision will depend on:

  • Where the dental crown will be placed in your mouth
  • Patient habits, such as clenching or grinding your teeth
  • What will look the most natural
  • Your overall patient needs and history

How our dentists place the dental crown in my mouth?

If you need a crown to hold together a weakened, broken down, or cracked tooth, your dental crown can usually be completed in a single visit with the help of our advanced same day technology. Our E4D system allows us to take digital impressions that allow us to design, fabricate and place your new crown in a single visit! No more messy impressions, no more temporaries, no more return visits. Restore your smile in a single visit with a same day crown!

Will my mouth hurt after I get a crown?

Some pain or sensitivity is not unusual after the crown is in place, and the anesthetic has worn off. Hot/cold sensitivities may be remedied with special toothpaste, but other sensitivities could require your dentist’s expertise and care.

How long will a dental crown last?

It would be reasonable to expect that a dental crown could last between five and fifteen years. Depending on the environment and forces the crown is exposed to (chewing, biting, accidental trauma, tooth grinding), and how well you keep the tooth (to which it is cemented) free of dental plaque, a crown can last somewhat indefinitely. This is especially true of a dental crown positioned where its cosmetic appearance is not much of a concern.
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